Mars and a Colourful Lunar Fog Bow

Arching across the lower part of the image above is a rare lunar fog bow. Unlike a more commonly seen rainbow, which is created by sunlight reflected prismatically by falling rain, this fog bow was created by moonlight reflected by the small water drops that compose fog. Although most fog bows appear white, all of the colours of the rainbow were somehow visible here. The above image was taken from high atop Haleakala, a huge volcano in Hawaii, USA, by Wally Pacholka. 2 Feb 2010 APOD

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Sprouting Seeds

It's amazing how each year when the first few signs of life appear from the seeds you've sown, you still get a thrill that something will grow, hopefully survive whatever Mother Nature throws at them and in the end may be able to pick some nice fresh veggies for supper.

The Broccoli and Calabrese are romping away with some of the herbs and grasses starting to show their heads above the potting compost.

And the sweetcorn have all come through too. No sign of the broad beans as yet but last year they took quite a long time so I'll just need to be more patient.

I've also got my second set of seed potatoes set for chitting. They had already started in the paper bags even though they were in a cold porch. Won't be surprised if they catch up with the first batch. I'm hoping to plant the first set out at the end of the month, the next good Moon day for Roots being the 30th March. However, the forecast is for possible snow next week which may delay that idea. Just have to wait and see.

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